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Community Heroes in 2003

Profile: Joanne Pardy
December 16, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Joanne Pardy has been a volunteer with many groups over the years, but most of her volunteering has revolved around working with young children.

Profile: Dave Lough
November 25, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Dave Lough, a long time volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) knows full well the impact that volunteers can have on the lives of others. Lough started volunteering with the CRC over ten years ago in Labrador as District Representative, and since then has lent his knowledge and expertise to a wide range of positions within the Red Cross at both a local and national level.

Profile: Paul Lane
November 11, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Someone who has demonstrated leadership, dedication, and commitment to improving their community, perfectly describes Paul Lane. Lane has gone above and beyond his civic duty to better his community of Mount Pearl.

Profile: Minnie Vallis
November 3, 2003 - Corner Brook, NL
Minnie Vallis has been a committed volunteer for over 30 years at the local, provincial and national levels. Determined to make a difference, Minnie contributes countless hours to her volunteer work that, undoubtedly, makes her a valuable source of energy and a vital part of her community.

Profile: Audrey Murphy and Bessie Ward
October 28, 2003 - St. John's, NL
These ladies of Children's Wish have been spending one afternoon a week helping in the Foundation's provincial office. Their work involves answering phones, mailing tax receipts and helping keep the office tidy.

Profile: Michael Godsell
October 14, 2003 - Marystown, NL
Eighteen-year-old Michael Godsell of Marystown knows the meaning of a true volunteer. Michael has come to realize the benefits of getting involved, and the opportunities that can come from helping others.

Profile: Patsy Bradbury
September 30, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Patsy Bradbury, a Big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters in St. John’s speaks of her volunteer work with great fondness.

Profile: Golden Journey Fundraiser
September 16, 2003 - Grand Bank, NL
Participating cyclists and organizers consisted of employees of PHCC and community residents who raised as much as $13,000.

Volunteer Profile: Ken McKinnon and Metzi Prince
August 19, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Ken McKinnon and Metzi Prince have dedicated their lives to helping others. Their passion is volunteering with the Canadian Relief Fund for the Victims of Chernobyl.

Attention Emerging Leaders in Newfoundland and Labrador
August 5, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Beginning this fall, The Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador is planning a second "Leadership in Progress" program.

Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC)
July 22, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is back for another exciting summer engaging youth in volunteer activities around St. John’s.

Volunteer Profile: Kevin Power
July 8, 2003 - Placentia, NL
Kevin Power is inspired by the volunteers around him to honor his civic duty and continue his lifelong volunteer commitment.

Volunteer Profile: Jamie Williams
June 30, 2003 - Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL
Jamie Williams volunteer work has allowed him to reap the benefits of volunteering as well as give back to his community.

Volunteer Profile: Theresa Stockley
June 24, 2003 - Doyles, NL
Theresa Stockley’s commitment to various organizations is commendable and her community has greatly benefited from her giving and generous nature.

Volunteer Profile: Chris Downey
June 10, 2003 - Goulds, NL
A grade ten student at St. Kevin’s High School, Chris Downey realized the value of volunteering at a young age and has been actively volunteering for a few years.

Volunteer Profile: Carmel Ryan
June 2, 2003 - Codroy Valley, NL
Carmel Ryan, a motivated volunteer, knows how demanding volunteer work can be. Over the years, she has been actively involved with several organizations, in every aspect of community life in the Codroy Valley area.

Volunteer Profile: Ian Walsh
May 27, 2003 - Placentia, NL
It is clear that Ian Walsh is very devoted to the Town of Placentia. He has been contributing to its growth for many years by volunteering as Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and now as Councilor of the town.

Volunteer Profile: Craig Rowe
May 13, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Craig Rowe, a resident of St. Phillips, is a big supporter of volunteerism because he knows first hand the personal and professional benefits of being a volunteer.

Volunteer Profile: Arthur Vincent
April 21, 2003 - Benoit's Cove, NL
For more than 40 years, Arthur Vincent has continued to be a highly motivated and dedicated volunteer in his community.

Volunteer Profile: Don Butler
April 1, 2003 - Gander, NL
Volunteering has become an important part of Don’s life and it is something he truly enjoys doing.

Volunteer Profile: Colette Park
March 24, 2003 - Corner Brook, NL
Dedicating her time and energy to helping others is one of the ways that Colette Park gives something back to the community.

Volunteer Profile: Verna Mullins and Laura Grandy
March 18, 2003 - Grand Bank, NL
Verna and Laura are clearly making a difference in the lives of others and they exemplify the true meaning of volunteerism in everything they do.

Volunteer Profile: Mark Pike
March 10, 2003 - Corner Brook, NL
Mark, an Insurance Specialist with Clarica, was recently rewarded for his efforts through Clarica’s Volunteer Program. Through this program Clarica makes a donation to the charity of an employee’s choice if they have worked more than 30 volunteer hours.

Volunteer Profile: Donna Jeffrey
March 4, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Donna Jeffrey's dedication and commitment to her volunteer work is exemplary.

Volunteer Profile: Gerard Duffney
February 28, 2003 - Corner Brook, NL
Gerard Duffney has been volunteering in the Corner Brook, Bay of Islands area for more than fifteen years.

Volunteer Profile: Lawson Dickson
February 18, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Lawson Dickson has been volunteering for over thirty years. He claims to have discovered the key to staying active as a volunteer – "do what you enjoy!"

Volunteer Week 2003: Celebrate Our Community Heroes!
February 4, 2003 - St. John's, NL
This year Volunteer Week runs from April 27th to May 3rd and provides a wonderful opportunity for every organization and municipality to recognize and thank their own ‘Community Heroes’.

Volunteer Profile: Alice Blundon
January 21, 2003 - Carbonear, NL
One of a volunteer’s greatest rewards is seeing that they are making a difference in the lives of others. Alice Blundon does not have to look far to see how her volunteer work has inspired a healthier community.

Volunteer Profile: Violet Squires Ruelokke
January 7, 2003 - St. John's, NL
Even though she’s retired from a long and fulfilling career as a nurse, Violet Squires Ruelokke still continues her life’s work as a volunteer.


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