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SPAN's first and core service, it links the single parent to professionals and agencies with which SPAN has established a liaison for assistance, e.g. legal, medical, financial. 


SPAN offers support, assistance and/or referral to professionals, where necessary.

FOOD AND CLOTHING DISTRIBUTION OUTLET - The Outlet is currently closed until further notice.

Another practical help to single parent families - SPAN operates a "Thrifty Outlet" where single parents are able to puchase clothing, housewares, and many other items for just $5 a large garbage bag;  food hampers are available for single parent families only. We receive ongoing support from Community Food Sharing with whom we are affiliated. Many retail stores also donate new clothing from older stock. In addition to this, many groups and individuals support the Outlet with donations of food, clothing, toys, books and small household items. 

    Food hampers are available to single parent families only.
    To register for food hampers only, single parents must present MCP cards for themselves and each child, as well as proof of single parent status.  One of the following:
  • - If on Income Support, the current month's Ambulance-Dental Drug Card (blue paper drug card), or
  • - The Child Tax Benefit Summary document from CRA (2019) or
  • - Income tax assessment (most recent tax year - 2018), or
  • - Court or Custody papers.
  • WHEN IS IT AVAILABLE?  (Currently closed)
    The Outlet is open Wednesday mornings for single parent clients only from 10 am - 1 pm.
  • The Outlet is open to both the general public and single parents on Wednesday afternoon from 2 pm - 4 pm & Friday between 10:00 am - 1 pm, and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. 

************ Important Update *************

  • New Food Bank Hours and Procedures
  •   The food bank is open to single parent familes only on Wednesday,       Thurdays and Fridays.  You must call 739-0709 to make an appointment to pick up your hamper.  There is contactless pick-up of the hampers and we ask all clients to wear masks. 
  • If you are a new client or an update of your documents is needed, these must be submitted by email to before an appointment time can be booked.
  • Food hampers are picked up at the rear of the building.  Please drive around to the back of the building through the gate and park near the sheds.
  • Please bring your own shopping bags as you will need to pack some of your groceries.
  • For any further information,please call 739-3709.


No donations are being accepted at this time for the Outlet.

*****The SPAN Food & Clothing Outlets gratefully accepts the following:

        - Clothing

        - Toys (NO plush toys please)

        - Books - no textbooks

        - Food (not expired)

        - Housewares

        - Small Appliances

The Outlet does not accept:

        - Large Appliances

        - Televisions

        - Furniture

        - Mattresses

        - Car Seats or Booster Seats

       -  Cribs

        - Strollers

        - High Chairs



Thanks to the support of the general public, we are able to provide "lovingly used" formal dresses, suits, shoes, and other accessories, free of charge to young people for their proms. The items are distributed to any in need through the SPAN Outlet. It is not restricted to single parent families. The general public are invited to use this support as well, free of charge.


SESP is a program specifically designed to assist single parents in receipt of Income Support (social assistance), who need help getting started on their return to the workforce. Participants take part in 6-8 weeks of half-day classes which cover job search skills and personal life skills needed when working.  Program participation is ongoing until the single parent becomes financially self-sufficient.

The Earned Income Supplement, continued personal help from our Employment Support Officers, assistance in job search, combined with all of the unique supports provided by SPAN have enabled over 1700 single parents to obtain employment.

Upon completion of classes, most participants quickly begin to decrease their dependence on government funding and by their third year of completion, at least one third no longer require Income Support.

    Participants are single parents on income support.
    The program runs 4 groups per year in both St. John's and Carbonear.
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED?                  
  1.  Ongoing enrollment & continuous support
  2.  Group and Individual employment services and/or career counselling             
  3.  Professional resumes, cover letters, interview skills, etc.
  4.  Financial management, Trades info., Goal Setting
  5.  Confidence building and peer support
  6.  Nutrition on a budget
  7.  Empowerment skills

Eligible Supports?

  • Participants will continue to receive their Income Support during the program with no interruption of benefits.
  • Transportation assistance
  • Child care supports (as needed)
  • Bi-weekly stipends which includes a training allowance


             + Professional staff to assist you

            + Ongoing individual services

            + Earned Income Supplement

            + Work related financial supports


SESP is available is to single parents in St. John's and surrounding metro region at the SPAN Businesss Office located at 472 Logy Bay Road, St. John's. 

              Contact Aletha 709-738-3401 for more information.

For single parents living in Carbonear Bay North area, SESP is available at our SESP Carbonear office located at 27 Goff Avenue, Carbonear.

              Contact Anne at 709-596-0783 for more information.



Peer support is given in a variety of ways - group meetings, by personal appointment, telephone, or email.  Please contact our general office at 738-3401 for more information.



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School-age children (in Kindergarten-age 18) of lower income, single parent families are provided with a grade appropiate school supplies and bookbags. These kits are distributed in time for the start of the new school year in September.  

Single parents are eligible to register by telephone provided they meet one of the following:  (1) are a SESP Client, (2) used the previous years' Christmas program, (3)  used the most recent Back to School Program or (4) are registered with the SPAN Food Outlet.

 For others who have not had the above contacts with SPAN, in-person registration will be required. For further information regarding registration and date call the general office at 738-3401 by early July. 



In partnership with many local businesses, organizations and individuals, SPAN provides many single parent families with much needed help at Christmas by supplying food and gifts.

         WHO CAN APPLY?

Any lower income single parent.        


Single parents qualify to register by telephone if they received Back to School support in the most recent year, Christmas support in the previous year, are registered in SESP or are registered with the SPAN Food & Clothing Outlet. Call 738-3401 in late September for the registration dates.

Telephone registration is availbale for those who are eligible.  Call 738-3401 for further details.

Those not eligible to register by telephone must register in person at SPAN'S office, 472 Logy Bay Road.  For registration dates call the general office at 738-3401 by late September.


For in person registration, we require the same information as for the Food and Clothing Outlet -  MCP numbers for every member of the family and proof of single parent status e.g. drug card, Child Tax Benefit Summary Document, or other proof of custody, such as court papers.

 (NOTE: We register all families with the Community Food Sharing Association to avoid duplications.

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