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The 11th Annual Railway Folk Festival was held on Sunday, August 11th, 2013. It was a great afternoon of wonderful local entertainment on Kelligrews Beach at Station Road. The kids enjoyed the face painting and crafts, and our spin wheel, BBQ and Flea Market was very successful. Thank you to all who made this community event awesome!!!

Past Events:

In May 2006, K.E.E.P. hosted a very interesting and informative meeting with various municipal, provincial and federal governing agencies involved with the watershed area of concern to K.E.E.P. 

In October, 2006 K.E.E.P. held a consultation meeting with local business people to gather their input for this Watershed Management Plan, which is currently being developed through Eco-Action, Environmant Canada. 

In January 2007 another consultation was held, this time with local farmers.  There is great support for the Watershed Management Plan and K.E.E.P. members have been quite pleased with the interest and concern for our rivers, ponds, and wetlands. 

In March, 2007 KEEP announced the completion of the Watershed Management Plan / Consultation.

Click on 'What's New' to access a copy of the Watershed Management Plan.

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In 2004, KEEP held a meeting with the provincial minister of the Environment, Mr. Tom Osbourne, at The Conception Bay Chamber of Commerce and then took him on a tour of the area, pointing out a number of environmental concerns.

KEEP met with Mr. Frank Walsh from the provincial Department of Fisheries and Oceans, outlining our concerns regarding the Kelligrews River, especially the problems with siltation.  Mr. Walsh did a site visit and recommended action that KEEP could take to remedy a flow problem.  He also did further investigations into the siltation problem.  Further work is to be done on this matter.

This quarry site is near the former C.B.S. incinerator and is a major concern for KEEP.  A tributary of Nut Brook (headwaters of KEEP's rivers) has been clogged with silt from the quarry, and the water is polluted with seepage from the landfill. 

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KEEP holds at least one annual cleanup of the Kelligrews and Gully Ponds, wetlands and associated areas.  We have expanded our area to include Farrell's Grove.

KEEP blitzed the area, handing out informational pamphlets.  Our members often speak to people who are on theT-Rail, out fishing, etc. to enlighten them to our concerns and goals, and to hear their concerns.

One of our long-term plans is to build a walking trail.  The walking trail would begin at Farrell's Point, proceed along the T-Rail to Kelligrews Pond and wetlands area, go up the Kelligrews River to the CBS Recreational area, and then through the back country to connect with the Gully Pond River.  It would then go downriver to the T-Rail and connect back to the Kelligrews Pond and wetlands area.  To date, design work for the first phase is complete.  It was funded by the CBS Parks Commission, through our CBS Town Council.  Further funding proposals are now being drafted.


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