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Labrador West Status of Women Council





Self Defense Training for Women....

Wenlido was developed in British Columbia by women trained in Wenlido. Wen-Do is a self defense program developed by the Paige family in Toronto in 1972.

Alice Macpherson started to teach in Vancouver, BC in 1978. In 1983 the group changed it's name and became "Women Educating in Self Defense Training" (WEST) teaching WENLIDO. Wenlido is also taught by Women in Self Defense Education (WISE) based in Alberta and Empowerment Assertiveness and Self Defense Training (EAST) in Newfoundland and Labrador, along with other trained individual instructors around the world.

Wenlido (translates as "women's path of strenght) self-defense for women/girls will increase self-confidence by teaching a variety of awareness, avoidance and verbal self-defense strategies that can be used in an attack situation. Women/girls will learn how to be effective in an attack situation.  

The Labrador West Status of Women Center is looking at holding Wenlido Self-Defense traning for women and girls with trained instructor Petrina Beals. If you have an interest in learning Wenlido Self-Defense please let us know.

Contact us at 944-6562 or e-mail us at lwsw@crrstv.net or statusofwomen@crrstv.net  

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Are you Aware of the New Family Justice Services in Labrador West?

Family Justice Services Deivision (FJSD), provides information and dispute resolution services to people involved in family law matters. We can assist people in working out the custody, access, child support and spousal/partner support issues without having to go through a court hearing. For the past two years, FJSD has been offering information sessions and individual/group counseling for parents and children to support the dispute resolution process.

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution offered by FJSD that occurs when parents work with a neutral person to explore ways to reach an agreement on issues relating to custody, access, child support and spousal support outside of the courtroom.

Family counseling through FJSD is a process that offers a safe and confidential environment with a trained individual to discuss personal or emotional concerns. Counseling will focus on anxiety or distress connected to your separation experience, paying special attention to the well being and transitioning of the children.

Living Apart....Parenting Together is a 3 hour video presentation for parent education about issues and experiences that may be associated with separation. Topics covered include Family Justice Services, the legal system, dispute resolution, child development, and communication.

There are two ways to obtain services from FJSD: You can file a court application wtih the court in your area. Once the other person has been served with your application, the court will send the file to FJSD. If you and the other person agree that you want to use the serices of FJSD, you can both complete a Request for Service form without a court application and send the form to the Family Justice Services Division office in your area.

For more informatiion please contact:

telephone: 709-944-3209/2842  or Fax: 709-944-4627


e-mail : deniseblandford@gov.nl.ca or myrareid@gov.nl.ca  




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